New form ideas and updated server page

So if you haven’t notice on the site, some pages have a blank page that has the following

[ninja_forms id=8]

linked from:

Which is obviously not a good look for the site, the reason is that originally we had a plug in for Ninja forms, but because of server issues the plugin was subsequently removed and thus this is the result. So I was searching online for free Ninja form alternatives and found this:

So over the next week or two, I’ll see if Mike will approve of this or if another method is found, as it stands it looks ugly and needs to be fixed ASAP.

Another thing is that the sermon tab will soon be going through a redesign, the design as it stands is woefully outdated, so I’ll also be updating it as well, in the months to come, if you have any questions reply to this post. Have a God Blessed week.

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