Interim Pastor

For those who were unable to attend a service this weekend, it was announced that Pastor Rob Westerlund had been chosen to be the Interim Pastor and will start mid-August.
Again, the Interim Pastor does not have any governance responsibility and is hired by a church in order to exercise pastoral care and preaching responsibilities. Pastor Rob will be available to us for three days a week (we are still working out the details of what additional day it will be other than Saturday and Sunday).  The Interim Pastor is not a candidate for the Senior Pastor position, and once a senior pastor has been secured, the Interim Pastor will leave the church.
We have received positive feedback regarding Pastor Rob and believe he has the gifts needed to help lead us though the next steps.
The Leadership Team is excited with the direction God is leading CCCC and ask for your continued support, prayers and giving as we navigate though the process.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a Leadership Team member.

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